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The Story

In 1986 I unexpectedly delivered a premature baby.   She was born fifteen weeks before her due date and weighed one pound and nine ounces.  Her birth took my family on an unexpected journey. 

Sarah is now a healthy and vibrant young woman.  She has clear green eyes and a lovely smile.  She is still a small person, a little over five feet tall and not much over one hundred pounds.  What compelled me to write about her birth and the year that ensued was the reaction her story elicits from people. When Sarah was in elementary and middle school and I stood on the sidelines of a field hockey, lacrosse or squash game, I would hear parents ask, “Who is that little girl? She is really something!”  We would begin talking, and invariably someone who knew her history would say, “Sarah weighed a pound and a half when she was born.”  The parent would turn and look at me, open-mouthed.   To see the kind of skill and energy Sarah put out on the field, and think she might not be here but for the medical technology that was available in 1986, was and is hard