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Susan LaScala grew up in Enfield, Connecticut, and received her BS in nursing from Boston College in 1976.  Her first employment as a nurse was at Yale-New Haven Hospital, where she worked first on the medical service and then in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. There Susan met Jeffrey Blomstedt, a physician, with whom she traveled west. They worked at the hospital in Yellowstone National Park for three summers, and married at the Artist’s Point overlook in Yellowstone.  During the academic year Susan attended the Family Nurse Practitioner Program at the University of Utah, and in 1982 she received her master’s degree.  

Susan began her career as a nurse practitioner in Wenatchee, Washington, where, as a member of the National Health Service Corps, she worked in a community health center for low-income and migrant farm workers.  In 1984 Susan and Jeff began their lives as parents with the birth of Willie. They moved to Massachusetts, where Jeff started work as an internist and nephrologist. Susan practiced being a mom, then returned to part-time work as a nurse practitioner until Sarah’s birth in January of 1986. Susan’s interest in nature and land preservation, which had been piqued during her experiences in the western United States, prompted her to write a radio commentary about a pair of bald eagles who were raising a family of their own in view of her backyard on Barton Cove.  Her interest in writing rekindled, Susan began writing other commentaries and joined a writing group, eventually creating Small Wonder.

Susan has served on the boards of The March of Dimes, The Shea Theater in Turners Falls, Massachusetts, and Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust.  She is the Director of Clinical Services at Deerfield Academy Health Center in western Massachusetts.  She is also a wife, sister and daughter; a gardener, hiker, biker, pet-lover, friend, and, of course, a mom. All of these roles give her a great many things to write about.